Easy Social Media Tips to Promote Your Salon

easy social media tips to promote your salon and beauty business

Using social media is the fastest way to grow and promote your salon or any business. I will firstly state that I am not a tech or marketing wiz. I have, however, put together some tips that I hope will help you out with your social media presence. When Using Social Media to promote your salon, the first thing you need to do is set up your profiles. In Seventh Heaven, Colwyn Bay, we use Facebook and Instagram as our main social media accounts. There are many other social media sites you can also use (youtube, twitter, snap chat). But these two are the main ones that have worked for me. We also use an app called Shedul, where you can book in appointments, and you can even allow your clients to book online themselves and pay a deposit. It also holds their card information in case of a no-show or last-minute cancellations. Here are some easy tips that I’ve put together for those of you who may be new to the industry, social media marketing or looking for some new things to promote your salon and help what you already do.

Instagram Tips

  1. Make sure that you have posted a few photos before you announce that you have a page. People won’t follow an empty account.
  2. Follow local accounts targeting your ideal client. Be careful not to follow too many people as Instagram have started being strict with this so start with 100 follows every couple of days. (a good way to start is to follow the followers of local beauticians and salons).
  3. Add highlights to your profile, so that people can specifically click to see photos of the treatments that they’re interested in.
  4. Be present every single day.
  5. Post constant stories gradually throughout out the day but not too many as more than 10 can be a turn off to clients.
  6. Mix up your stories with boomerangs, videos and photos.
  7. Add animated titles, gifs and captions to your photos to keep your audience interested.
  8. Don’t post to many actual posts to your page/ feed in one day, Instagram will hide them.
  9. Always check your messages and reply promptly.
  10. You can add other staff members too so that they can also post, this keeps a constant stream of posts going.
  11. Create stories on Instagram first. Then save the story to your phone so that you can add it to your Facebook page and profile afterwards.

Facebook Tips

  1. Link your Instagram to your Facebook page, it will automatically upload to your Facebook page if you allow it, saving you a job.
  2. You need to set up both a Facebook page and a Facebook profile. Facebook won’t show your page posts to followers because they want you to pay to promote. Adding a profile will mean it will be seen by more potential clients for free.
  3. When you set up a Facebook profile you may need to use your real name. They don’t like you to use a “business name” because they want you to pay to promote your page. 
  4. Add everyone locally who may be interested in your salon or services. Then send them an invitation to ‘like’ your business page too.
  5. Always post photos and make sure that you don’t post lengthy status’s they rarely get engagement. Try to be more visual with your stories. Clients tend to skip past ‘wordy’ posts.
  6. Keep your personal life separate to your business. Clients want to come to escape their reality and relax, they do not need to know your life issues or what you’re eating.
  7. Invite friends to ‘like your page’ – Click on “community” on the Facebook page (i have to use desktop version for this) then select invite friends, and click “select all”. This helps your “likes” page grow.
  8. Many salons and beauticians hold competitions to help them gain followers. Post 3 different Winner options, starting from a small give away to a bigger pamper. Encourage people to like, follow, tag friends and share the post. Then always announce the winner. 
  9. Post ‘offers of the month’. Clients will check your page every month to look for any offers that they may be interested in.

To Conclude…

My top tips have been listed above, and we also mustn’t forget the obvious. Try to post photos at least 2- 3 times a week, ideally promoting new products or offers. Be sure to answer your messages professionally and promptly. If you have any complaints or issues deal with them calmly, where the client feels the issue has been resolved. Social media is a great way to build but can also be very damaging. An unhappy client can easily spread a bad word, which can instantly damage your reputation quicker than it grew.

I hope these tips will help you on your journey. I would love to hear your thoughts and will do my best to answer any questions. Please feel free to leave any tips that you feel may benefit other fellow beauty, business owners. If you want any tips on building a clientele then you can find this list I’ve put together for you.

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