How to overcome Anxiety and Depression without medication. A Mindful, Holistic & Spiritual approach.

How I overcame Anxiety and Depression without medication. A mindful, holistic, spiritual approach to healing anxiety and depression.

Medication seems to be handed out a way to soon nowadays. If you are feeling a little down it could be from a blockage in one or several of your chakras. This means a holistic approach or practising mindfulness can be more beneficial than drugs and the side effects they can cause. If you want to skip my backstory, there are bullet points bellow. I also have uploaded a Youtube vlog if you prefer to listen rather than read things.

Quick Backstory

As a child, I was a worrier. I had a brilliant childhood and mother as amazing as she was; she was also a worrier. It was all that I had seen growing up, self-doubt and fear that anything would happen to myself or my sister. She would panic about everything and put warnings in my brain so that I would be street smart, and rightfully so. The issue was, it then became a habit of mine to play the victim and to worry about everything.

I would worry about things that hadn’t happened and weren’t going to happen. In fact, I felt comfort in feeling sorry for myself and finding excuses to quit and back out of things as soon as they seemed difficult. And of course, I always had my mum there to tell me I was safe, and everything is going to be ok. This was lovely, but I kind of needed a kick up the arse to realise life wouldn’t always be dandy and roses.

See, we don’t grow in happiness, we grow in pain. We grow from lessons thrown at us, that we continue to fail until we learn from them. When you worry you are either living in the past or fearing the future rather than being mindful and present at the moment. This is no good for someone with goals and dreams as big as I have because all it was doing was holding me back.

Around 4 years ago, I left a relationship of 7 years. I had reached a point where I realised that it wasn’t good for me and it had become very stagnant and was holding me back mentally and physically. This leads me to live the best, happiest year of my life. My friend and I moved into an appointment and WE LOVED LIFE.

Then she decided to move back home and left and once again I fell apart. Why? Because I had never learnt to be happy alone. I had thought that it was the company that had made me miserable or happy in the past. Little did I realise that happiness had come from within me. Because it was shared with friends and family it had made them seem like the “reason” for my happiness.

How to Naturally Help Cure Anxiety and Depression

  1. Block out negative thoughts. Replace with what you would like to have or happen. Or change the subject and block out the thought completely.
  2. Meditation. Either 10 minutes a day of silent meditation or manifest your dream life.
  3. Affirmations. Be kind to yourself. Compliment yourself in the mirror and always think and speak highly of yourself.
  4. Read motivational books or listen to self-help audiobooks
  5. Don’t speak or focus on the worst-case scenario, or focus on issues without solutions.
  6. Focus on what you want and pretend that it is yours right now. Try to be present at the moment and let the past go.
  7. Self-care is so important. Pamper yourself. Replace alcohol, caffeine or drugs with a pamper routine to pick you up, find another treat/ high. Exercise is great for releasing feel-good endorphins, even if it’s 10 minutes a day.
  8. Diet. I am currently plant-based and it has helped me so much. If you eat well, you feel well and so you attract better to yourself.
  9. Wake up earlier with a to-do list planned, and a purpose for the day.
  10. Love yourself and don’t focus on how people will think of you when you speak highly of yourself. Love attracts love.
  11. Be careful who you have around you. Keep positive people who will encourage you to be and do your very best. Not everyone is rooting for you to be better.
  12. I like to use crystals to keep on and around me. If you follow a religion this can always bring you back to focusing on grounding yourself. I believe we all worship the same god but I am respectful to and open to hearing about everyone’s religious and spiritual thoughts and routines. I keep certain buddas, Hindu gods, rosary beads, crystals. Anything that reminds me to pray, and be grateful. If you are sensitive to energy then you can do a cleanse with some palo santo (holy wood) or sage. I also like to get Reiki healing which can heal your 7 chakras in case of any blockages. You can also use certain crystals to help heal and open any blockages, and help calm your mind.
  13. Go outside. Walk your dog or just go for a walk or a run. It is the best way to clear your mind, and being around nature is very good for your soul.
  14. Use a journal to write down your thoughts. Remember to always write the ideal situation on the opposite page anytime you are writing down negative thoughts, we don’t want to attract these negative feelings but it’s good to get them out of your head.
  15. To-do lists. Always make to-do lists any time things come to your head. Put them in order of priority and work on the hardest, biggest tasks done first. Smaller jobs can wait.

We can all help each other, so why not help ourselves.

Remember your life is in your hands, no one else has control of what you do or what you could become. There is always someone worse off than you.

We don’t grow when we are happy, we grow in pain. So don’t dwell on anything bad that has happened or is currently happening. Just have faith and know that it is moving you in the right direction to live your best life.

From feeling down and suicidal in a past relationship, to waking up feeling the best I had ever felt and then repeating the whole thing all over again, it leads me to where I am today. And so, I wanted to share with you some of the lessons that I have learnt and tips for helping you feel stronger mentally and physically to achieve a life above and beyond all of your expectations.

I am grateful to be on the right path and realise that I am in control of my own life. If you get anxiety from feeling like you aren’t heading anywhere then have a few different things to focus on so that you have a constant feeling of achievement. Personally, I focus on my wellbeing daily but I am focused on my dog, those I love, building my salon, my music and my vlogs/ blog. Remember, you are great.

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