Imnowallflower is is a British based beauty and lifestyle blog designed to inspire those who love beauty and are looking at setting up business. Cara Braia is the owner of Seventh Heaven Salon based in the seaside village of Colwyn Bay, UK. She has an elegant, chic and neutral style which draws in her audience. Imnowallflower is a perfect destination for those hoping to find their own form of self and become their own boss babe.


A little bit about me…

Growing up in a small town, thinking outside the box and trying new fashion trends or hobbies was frowned upon and made the locals strangely uncomfortable. My family were from the city and so they always encouraged me to think outside the box and be unique (Mother was english, father Italian). For that reason I have never been one to follow social norms and being a gemini i get very bored and like to change things up, be it my job, my goals, my diet you name it.

My mother was a beautician, hairdresser and spiritual healer and so it has always been part of my life. Unfortunately being around small minded people made it difficult for me to fully be myself or try out different fashion trends without people calling me odd or stuck up or posh. With my mothers encouragement I did it any way and would wear those little springs in my hair, heeled trainers, Jelly shoe heels and neon eyeshaddow’s with blue liner. I was laughed at for it… then a few weeks later everyone would copy the trend anyway and so i would move onto the next thing as I never liked doing what everyone else did.

On leaving my home town I moved to London for a few months and experienced the complete opposite. Nobody gave a damn about what you did, what you wore or who you were and it was so strange. When i returned back to the little old village i was desperate to move away, not necessarily to the city but to a more built up area, and so i moved again.

Find the thing that excites you the most, and take it from there…

In life i have always had two passions – One being music and performance (see here) , the other has always been beauty, skin care, health and overall pampering.

In 2016 I set up a small (very expensive) stall with no clients in a shopping centre of a busier town because I knew it would be the fastest way to build up a clientelle, and it changed my life.

And so that leads me to the present, where i have decided to put my passion into writing about beauty, fashion and my lifestyle (including snippets of my music) but also how i went from 0 clients to owning my own very beautiful and busy salon, which grows day by day.Paragraph